Lizzo gets America talking with new song, retro video

The Minneapolis-based star's new video quickly went viral.
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2019 could turn out to be a defining year for Lizzo, who has started it off with a bang by dropping her new song, "Juice," along with an retro-inspired music video.

The video went live on Friday and quickly racked up views, with a 25-second teaser on Twitter being viewed more than 350,000 times while the full video approaches half-a-million views on YouTube.

The Minneapolis musician was named in the Coachella lineup last week, and could be on the verge of a breakout into superstardom if the initial reaction to "Juice" is anything to go by.

Uproxx says the song is "joyful, fizzing with Lizzo’s signature lyrical witticisms and confidence," while the video "matches its retro sound," with Lizzo's "incredible charisma and palpable love of performing ... evident even watching her on a screen."

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"Juice" is Lizzo's new "empowerment anthem," according to Vanyaland, which says the R&B star "has never released a crappy single and she knows it," and her latest comes with "an even more staggering sense of confidence."

Hypebeast is pretty blunt in its verdict on Lizzo's new effort, with its piece titled: "Lizzo got herself a banger with 'Juice'."

Check out the video, which features Lizzo in a Jane Fonda-style workout video and an '80s-inspired informercial, below.

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