Long-awaited Prince memoir will finally hit shelves on Tuesday

Check out these excerpts in the meantime.
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Though it was announced weeks before his death, Prince's memoir is finally seeing the light of day.

On Tuesday, the highly anticipated "The Beautiful Ones" will go on sale, despite the fact that it was incomplete when the star died in April 2016.

The arrival comes six months after the publisher, Penguin Random House, confirmed it would indeed still come out.

At the time, it was reported that the final version of the book would combine Prince's unfinished manuscript with photographs, pieces of scrapbooks and lyrics. 

Rolling Stone, upon hearing the news, called it "one of the most anticipated memoirs in music history."

In case you can't wait, Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive sneak peek at some of the pictures (which includes lyrics written on the side of a paper bag), which you can check out right here. 

As Billboard notes, Prince's writing is in "his elegant script and quirky style," with the word "I" swapped out for "eye" and "to" replaced with "2," among other trademark idiosyncrasies. 

The magazine shares the following excerpt (a tale about his upbringing in Minneapolis), which captures the singer's unique writing style:

“Sometimes when my father wasn’t playing piano he’d say something 2 my mother & she would wink at me. She never told me what it meant and sometimes it would be accompanied by a gentle caress of her hand 2 my face. But eye am quite sure now this is the birth of my physical imagination.”

The book was co-written by journalist Dan Piepenbring. 

Prince died of an accidental overdose on April 21, 2016, at Paisley Park, his home in Chanhassen. 

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