Long-time stalker of The Hold Steady's Craig Finn turns himself in

The Edina-raised musician had been forced to move twice because of the fan's obsession.
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The Hold Steady's Craig Finn will be sleeping a little easier today, after an obsessive fan who has been stalking him for more than a year turned himself into police.

As Rolling Stone reports, the Edina-raised frontman has been plagued with messages and threats from Benjamin Campbell, a 35-year-old man from Ottawa who lives in Brooklyn.

He had already been charged with stalking Finn in August 2017 after sending him hundreds of Instagram messages, including one in which he threatened to slit his throat and another in which he promised an upcoming concert would be a "funeral feast."

He's now been accused of violating two restraining orders after restarting his obsession, posting threats on social media and allegedly spray-painting the building where Finn lives, as well as leaving a package with books and song lyrics outside it. 

The NY Post reports that Finn had twice been forced to move because of the attentions of Campbell, a computer data specialist who is suspected to have bipolar disorder.

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A friend of Finn's told the newspaper that Campbell considers The Hold Steady to be a religion, with Craig Finn Jesus, describing his obsession as "Mark David Chapman-esque," referring to the fan who killed John Lennon.

The Hold Steady will play their first Minnesota gig since 2014 later this month, when they headline Surly Fest in northeast Minneapolis.

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