Longville's famous town dog, Bruno, killed by car

The 14-year-old pooch was a local celebrity.
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Sad news from northern Minnesota, where the small town of Longville has lost a beloved local celebrity.

For years the sight of Bruno walking around the community brought joy to the town's 150 residents.

That tragically ended on Sunday though, when it was announced that Bruno had to be put to sleep after he was struck by a car on Hwy. 84, during one of his regular walks into town.

If you need to know how much of a big deal Bruno was in Longville, the announcement was made on his very own Facebook fan page, "Bruno of Longville," such was his fame.


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His owner Larry LaVallee let the 14-year-old pooch roam free around Longville, often making 4-mile walks into town on his own to say hello to his many friends.

In 2015, the community recognized Bruno by erecting a statue to their "town dog and ambassador," a move which attracted attention from national media.

It's this statue that means that while Bruno has gone, his legacy will continue.

"He made many friends and put on many miles," Bruno's Facebook page said, noting he was buried on the LaVallee family property, with visitors welcome to say goodbye.

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