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Lyft to launch $299 subscription plan in Twin Cities

It gives you 30 rides of up to $15 in value.
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Ride-sharing service Lyft is looking to step up its game in the Twin Cities by launching a 30-day subscription deal.

Called the All-Access Subscription Plan, it's designed to give Twin Cities residents an alternative to owning a car, by charging $299 for 30 days of ride-sharing.

For that $299, users will be able to take 30 rides costing up to $15 within the 30-day period – a total value of $450.

If the customer exceeds the $15 cost of a trip, they'll just have to pay the difference on top of it (so a $20 ride would incur a $5 charge).

Any rides after 30 trips would come with a 5 percent discount.

Lyft says it's launching the plan as part of its ultimate goal "of making car ownership optional."

Lyft is banking on the $1,800 year-round cost for its subscription plan being a more affordable alternative to buying, maintaining, parking and fueling your own vehicle, albeit without the same level of convenience.

It claims it will cost 59 percent less than running your own car over a period of 30 days.

"Lyft believes as we move further into the future, individuals won’t own transportation, they’ll subscribe to it like Netflix or ClassPass or Amazon Prime," the company said in its blog.

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According to Estimate Fares, a Lyft ride taken in the Twin Cities will typically charge you an initial cost of $0.47, plus a $2.60 service fee and then a price per mile averaging around $0.85.

This will vary however based on the quality of Lyft service you're using and the time you're traveling, with the cost per mile increasing during busy traffic times when "surge" pricing is activated.

Also, if you use the plan for commuting purposes, you're likely to go over the 30 ride limit that would require you to pay 95 percent of the full cost of the ride thereafter.

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