Mall of America unveils digital signs, lights to make parking easier

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The frustrations that come with parking at Mall of America during the holidays go together like turkey and gravy, but some wise people at MOA are have gone digital in an attempt to alleviate the parking pandemonium. 

MOA officials are calling it a "parking guidance system" from Park Assist that uses camera-based technology to make parking easier. MOA explains how it works. 

"As guests approach the east and west parking ramps at the Mall, they will see large digital signage displaying the number of open parking spaces on each level of the two seven-level ramps. Once on the desired level of the ramp a series of colored lights indicate if there are open spaces (green lights) or if the spaces are occupied (red lights); while blue lights indicate open spaces for accessible parking. Digital directional signage guides drivers to the nearest available space."

So basically, a bunch of digital signs with color-coded meanings will help you find open spaces. 

The available parking spots are listed on the MOA's website, so it's conceivable that a passenger in your vehicle could help find areas with the most open parking spots as you're approaching the mall. 

Here's a look at what you'll see on MOA's website when you click the "Available Parking" banner in the middle of the home page. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 1.26.57 PM

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