Man called police on Blaine Burger King because his Whopper was cold

Oh the humanity!
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Nobody likes paying for a disappointing meal, but I think most of us would agree we'd stop short of calling the police about it, right?

That wasn't the case in Blaine last month, when a 30-year-old man was so incensed that his Burger King Whopper arrived cold that he called the cops.

A hat-tip here to Reddit user GopherForceMN, who brought our attention to what they dubbed "A Blaine cold case" (we tried to think of a better pun for this story, but couldn't) on the Minnesota sub-Reddit.

And yes it's legit, the report of a cold burger does indeed appear in the Blaine Police Department blotter for Aug. 8-14.

Police, obviously, took no action on what they regarded to be a civil matter, leaving the customer without satisfaction in his complaint against the restaurant at 12309 Central Avenue Northeast.

BMTN has reached out to Burger King to see if it wishes to comment on what can only be described as a crime against cookery.

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