Man charged nearly $6,000 in fees to stay at Minnesota hotel

Slightly more than the $155 charge he was expecting.
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A Canadian man on a business trip to greater Minnesota was stuck with an unbelievable bill when he booked his hotel room through Expedia. 

According to CBC, Justin Smerchanski, of Winnipeg, used Expedia to book a room at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Willmar, Minnesota. He thought the charge would run him $207 Canadian, which is about $154 in the U.S. 

The shocker came when he printed the receipt, CBC reports, noting that he was charged $3,143.93 in taxes and fees and then another $2,828.66 in property fees. The total bill on his credit card was for a whopping $6,180.54. 

So what happened?

It's a mystery, but CBC reports that Smerchanski was eventually refunded the full amount. However, it's unclear if other customers who booked rooms at the same hotel and were also charged thousands of dollars, per the CBC report, were refunded. 

It's also not clear why a few random hotel bookings were hit with such massive fees. Bring Me The News reached out to the Willmar hotel to find out more about the situation but has not yet heard back. An update to the story will be provided if a response is received. 

The $154 charge was for a one night stay, which is the same price it would cost if you booked a room for Tuesday this week. The taxes and fees bring the charge to just over $170 when we tested Expedia, and that seems normal. 

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