Minnesota man's drunk-driving excuse? He wanted some McDonald's

Police said he was 'hangry.'
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Being "hangry" can make even the most mild-mannered of people irrational, and in one case in central Minnesota, make them break the law.

That's what happened earlier this week in Stearns County, when local sheriff's deputies started tracking a drunk-driver on his way back from a McDonald's.

They received a call around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday after a black pickup truck was reported to be "all over the road" near the intersection of County Roads 75 and 7 in St. Augusta.

The caller told police that he'd seen the driver, later identified as Ronald Koopmeiners, entering the McDonald's drive-thru near the Pilot Truck Stop in St. Cloud, before running a red light as he left the fast-food joint.

It turns out Koopmeiners, from Clearwater, also didn't have a valid driver's license at the time.

Police began following south on County Road 75 and activated the emergency lights, only for Koopmeiners to speed up, crossing the fog line and centerline of the road.

He failed to stop for the police, instead heading to his home in Clearwater where he drove onto his unplowed driveway and into the garage.

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The Stearns County sergeant placed him under arrest outside his house, wth Koopmeiners saying he decided to drive home because he didn't want his vehicle towed.

He also said he initially left on his drunken "escapade" because he was hungry, buying two Big Macs at McDonald's.

He finished about half of one, with the rest "all over the cab of the truck," the Stearn County Sheriff's Office said. The other was left in the bag.

He's been charged with felony fleeing police, 2nd degree DWI, and driving after cancelation after giving a blood alcohol reading of .24 (the Minnesota limit is .08).

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