Mayo Clinic's famous singing surgeons bid farewell to Rochester

Elvis Francois and William Robinson are becoming household names.
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The two Mayo Clinic surgeons who have become viral sensations for their musical performances have bid farewell to Rochester this week with a goodbye concert.

Elvis Francois and William Robinson first rose to national attention in 2018, when their performance of Mike Yung's "Alright" – with Francois on vocals and Robinson on piano – went viral and led to appearances on the likes of The Ellen Show.

They followed that up this year with the release of their own album to raise money for coronavirus response funds, but their time in Rochester has now come to an end.

The pair have completed their 5-year orthopedic surgery residencies at the famous institution, and said goodbye to Med City with a mini concert at the Forager Brewery on Wednesday evening.

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"This is us taking an opportunity to say thank you to the beautiful people of Rochester with a little bit of music," Francois said on his Facebook page.

ABC 6 reports that Francois is heading to a new job in Boston, while Robinson is moving to Philadelphia.

The duo's rise to national prominence has been stratospheric, to the point that the pair were invited to perform at the Indy 500 – before an empty stadium due to COVID-19 restrictions – last month.

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