McDonald's brings the McRib back (again) for limited time

The cult classic will be available in more than 9,000 locations.
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McDonald's McRib sandwich will get another limited time run in restaurants over the next month.

The fast-food chain has revealed the cult favorite, which has floated on and off of McDonald's menus since is creation in 1981, will be available in more than 9,000 restaurants starting Oct. 29.

That said, it looks as though some restaurants are jumping the gun and offering the sandwiches a few days early.

McDonald's did the same thing last November, pulling the boneless pork and barbecue sauced sammie out of retirement for a few, short weeks.

But for the first time this year, McDonald's is also offering it for delivery via Uber Eats.

It's also urging fans to download the McDonald's Finder app to find which restaurants will be offering the McRib over the next month.

The fast food giant hasn't said how long the limited time offer will run for, so best get there soon if you have a McRib craving.

While the sandwich has been the subject of many campaigns to make it a permanent resident on McDonald's menus, Business Insider reckons that the McRib's scarcity is the key to its mystique.

Make it available all the time, and its popularity would wane.

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