Mexican restaurant ViV!R to move into Popol Vuh space in Northeast Minneapolis

The creators behind Popol Vuh, which closed in late July, are starting another restaurant
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The team behind the celebrated Mexican restaurant Popol Vuh in Northeast will be starting a new business this fall in the same space. 

ViV!R promises a "seasonal menu of familiar Mexican small plates" such as empanadas, verduras, ceviches, chilaquiles, enmoladas, tetela and sandwiches, with "grab-and-go deli items, daily breads and pastries." There will also be a market with house-made snacks and other goods.

“ViV!R will allow us to continue to create during a time when it feels like life is on hold,” said Jami Olson, owner and general manager of ViV!R and the adjoining Centro. 

"The name of the concept means ‘to live’ and quite literally it will let us do just that – through food, drink and hospitality."

Olson announced the closure of Popol Vuh in late July, citing the coronavirus. 

Centro, the taqueria Popol Vuh shared an adjoining space (and chef and co-owner Jose Alacorn) with, will stay open. Alacorn has also designed the menu for ViV!R, along with pastry chef Ngia Xiong. 

The restaurant will include a 40-seat patio, as well as takeout options. It plans to serve from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays. 

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