Minneapolis cafe owners say farewell to customers after 36 years

The couple have run Emily's F&M Family Restaurant since 1982.
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It was the end of an era in North Minneapolis on Sunday, as two longtime restaurant owners hung up their aprons and bid farewell to their loyal customers.

Emily's F&M Family Restaurant has been a staple in the Victory neighborhood since 1982, when Emily Benincasa opened her namesake restaurant alongside her husband Elliott, as Discover Victory describes.

On Sunday, the couple said goodbye as they embarked upon a long-earned retirement, bringing an end to 36 years of homestyle breakfasts and lunches.

But while customers will be saying goodbye to the Benincasas, they won't be saying goodbye to the restaurant.

Emily's will be staying open – and staying in the family – after it was bought out by the couple's niece, Anna Donato-Ghani, and her husband Gabby, as reported by North News.

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On Sunday, the Benincasas held court as their friends and customers came by to wish them well, with Elliott Benincasa telling KSTP the secret of their popularity with diners.

"Treat them like they're your brother and sister, and give them all the love you can give," he said.

The reason Emily gave for retirement? "I'm old, that's why."

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