Bloomington kid sets world record for largest mouth

Since he's only 15, he's still growing...

A teenager from Bloomington is the proud owner of the world's largest mouth. Well, to be exact, 15-year-old Isaac Johnson owns the record for largest gape. 

When Johnson opens his mouth as wide as he can, the gape is an astonishing 3.67 inches. Guinness World Records visited Johnson recently and confirmed the jaw-dropping record. 

Then they released a video to social media showing Johnson putting everything from baseballs, oranges and the bottom of a water bottle in his mouth. 

According to FOX 9, Johnson, a freshman at Washburn High School, has been contacted by Jimmy Kimmel Live! about a possible appearance. 

The next record for Johnson could come if he decides to enter a competition in which the goal is stuffing as many marshmallows as possible into his mouth. 

That world record belongs to a woman in New Zealand who crammed 44 marshmallows into her mouth in 2012. 

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