Minneapolis man gets attacked with a Chipotle burrito bowl

Those bowls are delicious, but can be filling.

A driver's trip through Minneapolis on a warm Saturday took a turn for the worse as a passing motorist chucked a Chipotle burrito bowl through his open window.

Blake Ritland was driving down Hennepin Avenue when a bowl with all of the fixings, including sour cream, came flying through the window and onto his dash.

He shared the result of the drive-by on Twitter, with his tweet having since been shared more than 11,000 times.

"It was a beautiful day, I’m driving down the street with the windows down, minding my own business. Next thing I know chipotle is all over," he wrote on Twitter.

While driving in the Twin Cities can have its share of frustrations at times, Ritland says that to his knowledge, the attack was completely unprovoked.

While there is an element of mystery to the story, Ritland told City Pages that he plans to tell his side on his co-hosted podcast "Penny for My Thoughts."

And with Ritland asserting that he had done nothing to attract the ire of the Chipotle chucker, it begs the question: Who on Earth throws away Chipotle?

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