Minneapolis no longer has the best parks system in the country

It's dropped to 3rd, with St. Paul in 2nd.
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After three years at No. 1, Minneapolis' reign of having the "best parks system" in the United States has come to an end.

In the latest rankings published by The Truth for Public Land on Wednesday, Washington D.C. has displaced Minneapolis at the top of the table.

Minneapolis has slipped to 3rd place, one spot behind its neighbor St. Paul, which has stayed in 2nd once again.

The Trust for Public Land grades cities based on the proximity of its public parks to its residents, as well as the amount of park area, recreational amenities, and the amount of public spending dedicated to parks.

Now it appears to be the case that it's not so much about Minneapolis doing worse than it is Washington D.C. doing better, though MPR notes that population growth in Minneapolis may also be causing it to slide down the rankings in terms of park proximity and per-capita spending.

The Trust for Public Land found that 96 percent of Minneapolis residents live within a 10-minute walk of a park, while in St. Paul it's 98 percent.

To understand how lucky we have it in the Twin Cities, the national average is just 54 percent.

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The study also found that Minneapolis has a larger area of parkland than St. Paul, and slightly more parks in total at 266 to 264, but St. Paul scored higher for amenities.

Minneapolis was in the 89th percentile for number of playgrounds and 99th percentile for recreation and senior centers, while St. Paul is in the 92nd percentile for basketball hoops and 90th percentile for public bathrooms.

Minneapolis however was in the 15th percentile for "splash pads," probably because, you know, they can only operate about 4 months of the year.

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