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Minneapolis Park Board to consider removing 'Calhoun' from several street names

It comes after the lake's name was officially changed to Bde Maka Ska last year.

A little over a year after Lake Calhoun's name was officially changed to Bde Maka Ska, Minneapolis officials are now considering changing some of the surrounding streets as well.

A Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board committee met on Wednesday, where it approved an ordinance that would give it the power to change the names of the parkways and park roads that fall under its jurisdiction.

The parkways it has in mind surround Lake Bde Maka Ska, namely: Calhoun Boulevard West, Calhoun Drive, East Calhoun Parkway and West Calhoun Parkway.

The Park Board will now consider whether those streets should be renamed as a result of the change to Bde Maka Ska, which followed a re-assessment of the man for which Lake Calhoun was named: former vice president, senator and slavery supporter John Calhoun.

The lake's name change was officially recognized by federal authorities last summer, though it did receive some objections from local residents, among them the Save Lake Calhoun action group which claimed the lake was a victim of "extremist name-change advocacy."

The surrounding parkways won't change immediately, with Wednesday's vote only the start of the process to discuss removing the name Calhoun from Minneapolis streets.

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Under the ordinance, the Park Board will be able to change the names of the 42 streets under its control by a vote of at least 6 (out of 9 commissioners).

According to FOX 9, Park Board Commissioner Meg Forney raised some questions about the potential change to Calhoun-named streets, including whether it would affect mortgages and titles for properties around the lake.

But fellow Commissioner Jono Cowgill said he wants the street names to "reflect the new name of the lake," per the Southwest Journal.

Correction: The original version of this story stated that Meg Forney had suggested the name changes could affect "property prices" around the lake. This is incorrect as she was referring to potential mortgage and title complications that could arise from a street name change. BMTN apologizes for the error.

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