Minneapolis' Parlour Bar 'deeply apologizes' for a bad day at the office

Parlour Bar said it was underprepared for the number of diners.
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The respected burger and cocktail makers at Minneapolis' Parlour Bar have held their hands up in apology for a bad day at the office on Sunday.

The North Loop cocktail bar said it was "deeply" sorry for its sub-standard service on Sunday, issuing an apology on its Facebook page on Memorial Day.

"We failed to deliver what you have come to expect from us," it said. "We were underprepared to accommodate the level of business we experienced.

"We deeply apologize for those of you who came to enjoy the Parlour experience."

Sunday was of course a spectacular day weather wise, and with Memorial Day meaning most had a day off on Monday, there were plenty of people out and about in the Twin Cities.

This, in turn, appeared to have caught Parlour by surprise, prompting it eventually to stop service early.

"Whether it was your first time or your 100th time, we failed to deliver the quality of product and service you each deserve," it said.

"We were understaffed, we tried to right our wrongs, we did our best until we couldn’t anymore and decided to stop service early rather than continue to disappoint you."

The apology went over well judging by the reaction from commenters on Facebook, with one saying: "I've been in the biz for 19 years, and I have never seen a business take this approach. I admire the transparency."

Anyone who dined or drank at Parlour on Sunday is urged to reach out to info@parlourbar.com.

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