Minneapolis plans to crack down on sidewalk snow removal

They'll be sending out inspectors to find those who haven't shoveled.
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Be warned that if you leave it too long to sweep your sidewalk after a snowfall this winter, Minneapolis city inspectors could be lurking.

The city announced on Friday that this winter, rather than relying on people making complaints over un-shoveled sidewalks, it will send out inspectors to actively look for offenders.

"Failure to shovel and maintain your sidewalk could result in a warning letter and, if left uncleared, a bill for the city to remove snow from your sidewalk," the letter said.

That bill will be in the region of $150, the city warns, as it seeks to keep public rights of way open for everyone during the winter.

The Star Tribune had more details earlier this week, reporting that there will be 5-15 inspectors looking for un-shoveled sidewalks.

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It comes as the city decides whether to simply take over sidewalk plowing, which would be a huge undertaking costing the city $20 million a year, the newspaper notes.

Current Minneapolis rules require owners of houses and duplexes to clear sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowfall, while all other property owners must clear sidewalks within 4 daytime hours.

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