Minneapolis public access TV star Viva Beck dies at 79

She was known for 'Viva and Jerry's Country Music Videos.
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Minneapolis is "a little less lustrous today" following the death of Viva Beck at the age of 79.

Viva and husband Jerry Beck were a comforting presence on the public access Minneapolis Television Network, hosting Viva and Jerry's Country Music Videos.

Viva produced and co-starred alongside her husband in more than 1,000 episodes on MTN before the show, which debuted in 1992, wrapped up three years ago.

Their cult following led to appearances on The Daily Show and Maury over the years,

Fans learned on Tuesday evening that Viva had died after suffering a sudden and massive stroke.

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The tribute paid to her on the show's Facebook page is amazing, and well worth a read below.

Here's what she told people about meeting her future husband: "That night he stole a kiss and that was the end of me."

"Viva was a trailblazer," another part of the tribute says. "She was one of the first people in Minneapolis with green hair. She was the first official member of the Prince fan club in the 1980s, and was invited to pose for Playboy, which she politely declined, yet still continued to support the publication."

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