Minneapolis to pay $193K to settle lawsuit with FOX 9 anchor

Alix Kendall's personal information was accessed by police on thousands of occasions.
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The City of Minneapolis is preparing to pay out $193,000 to settle a lawsuit with FOX 9 anchor Alix Kendall after city cops snooped at her personal information.

A lawsuit filed four years ago by the "FOX 9 Morning News" co-host alleged that her driver's license was looked up on the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services database 3,800 times over the course of 10 years.

Police officers, deputies and public employees are among those accused of accessing her private information, with Kendall bringing suits against more than 150 cities and counties in Minnesota.

Most of those were dismissed due to statute of limitations rule, the Pioneer Press notes, but after appealing to the Eighth Circuit courts, enough instances were found to allow some of the cases to go forwards.

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She was awarded a payout of $33,000 from the City of St. Paul in January, and now Minneapolis is preparing a much bigger payment.

In a request for committee action on the city's website, it's proposing to pay Kendall $43,000 plus $150,000 in attorneys' fees to settle the case.

Kendall has agreed to this amount, the document says.

The Star Tribune reports that Minneapolis police officers looked up her details 580 times, though a court reduced that down to 48 actionable instances.

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