Minnesota 9-year-old rising to fame after wrong-way race victory

This kid can fly!
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Kade Lovell

Kade Lovell running the 5K, or so he thought. 

The last time Minnesota was in the news for a wrong-way runner it was 1964 and Jim Marshall was running the wrong way for the Vikings after scooping up a fumble and scoring a touchdown for the opposing team. 

Fast forward 55 years and the newest wrong-way wonder is Kade Lovell, a 9-year-old from Sartell who won a race he didn't even enter. 

Lovell was running the St. Francis Fanny Flyer 5K on Sept. 21, only he took a wrong turn and wound up finishing the 10K – in first place! 

The boy's stunning victory, in which a 40-year-old man finished second overall, was first reported by the St. Cloud Times, and has since been spread all over the state and even to other parts of the country. 

As exciting as Kade's accomplishment was, it was equally alarming for his mother, who documented what was going through her mind as she waited for Kade to cross the finish line.

"I have never been so scared in my life. Waiting at the corner for him to come... and he never shows up! I wait a bit longer thinking maybe he had a bad race. Then comes the 30 minute mark and he still did not come around the corner. I am now in mama panic mode!" Heather Boedigheimer-Lovell wrote in a Facebook post. 

"Oh, fricken, no! Did my kid get lost? Did he get stollen? Is he hurt sitting somewhere freaking out?! My mama heart was scared. We had a ton of people looking for him. We finally found him. 

"This kid forgot to turn at the 5K turn and accidentally ran the 10K. We were thinking he was dead last. No one was near him. He was running strong when he finally got to the corner where I was cheering for him. He gets to the finish line and we find out he is FIRST!!!! Fricken FIRST in the 10K!!!! This kid just ran a 48:17:39 10K!!! I mean... come on!! He is incredible and I am so proud of him! Now if he scares my mama heart like this again.. I will have to ground him!"

A 10K is approximately 6.21 miles, so Kade's average mile was a speedy 7 minutes and 46 seconds. That's almost as fast as his story has gone viral. 

"This has been super crazy for us!!" his mother said in a message to BMTN. "It is a great lesson for my son on how fast news can go viral! We have been really enjoying the positive publicity. Kade has won 5Ks before but running a 10K has never been on our radar! We didn’t think he was ready yet! Clearly we were wrong!"

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