Minnesota Bound: 'Raven, the star of our show, is gone'

The third Raven was the last of the lineage, sadly.
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Raven, the dog from "Minnesota Bound," has died at the age of 13. 

The famous black lab known as Ron Schara's partner on the popular outdoor TV show "passed away peacefully as burning sage and Indian Flute music played in the night," according to a Wednesday post on the Minnesota Bound Facebook page

The tribute referred to Raven as "the star of our show." The post goes on to say: 

"Since February of 1995, Raven—wearing her signature red bandana—has appeared twice-weekly on our television show airing on KARE 11. In addition, Raven was also featured in Schara’s T.V. productions on Fox Sports North, ESPN, and Outdoor Channel Networks.

"As the most famous dog in Minnesota, last year Raven was enlisted to support legislation making the Labrador Retriever breed the official State Dog."

A memorial episode for Raven will air Sunday, April 12, at 10:35 p.m. on KARE 11, and again on Saturday, April, 18 at 6:30 p.m. 

Minnesota Bound has graced Minnesota TV screens for the last 25 years, with three black labs, all named Raven, joining Schara during the journey, all of them related. 

Sadly, Minnesota Bound says "we've come to the end of the Raven lineage."

"Is there an unrelated Raven in the future? Doubtful but maybe… after our tears dry and our sadness fades."

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