Minnesota cops spoof 'Super Troopers' with actor Eric Stolhanske on 4/20 day

Stolhanske plays the role of "Rabbit" in the cult classic films.
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"Don't think boy, meow do you know how fast you were going?"

It's April 20, and every year on four-twenty day there's at least one Minnesota police department that has fun with marijuana stereotypes on social media. 

This year, the Wyoming Police Department lived up to its billing as one of the state's most creative law enforcements on social media and got actor Eric Stolhanske, better known as "Rabbit" from the cult classic "Super Troopers" movies, to play a role in their four-twenty video. 

Naturally, they played up the traffic stop meow scene from "Super Troopers" with their own weed version, saying things like "weed like to see" a driver's license and "that's something weed not like to see." 

Check it out here

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