Minnesota dads can plan on sweating it out this Father's Day weekend

Sorry, dads. It's gonna be thick out there.
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Father's Day weekend is going to provide the kind of air that you can cut with a butter knife as it's likely going to be very hot and humid. 

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures in southern Minnesota and up into the Twin Cities could reach the low 90s with heat index (the "feels like" temperature) near 100 degrees Saturday and Sunday. 

Because we are still four days from the weekend, the hottest locations could and likely will change, but the heat will be surging north into Minnesota one way or another. 

With air temps in the 90s and dew points at or above 70, the heat index can quickly rise. You can play around with this heat index calculator to see just how hot it can feel. Here are some examples: 

  • 90 degrees + 70 dew point = 96-degree heat index. 
  • 95 degrees + 70 dew point = 102-degree heat index. 
  • 90 degrees + 75 dew point = 101-degree heat index. 
  • 95 degrees + 75 dew point = 107-degree heat index. 

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Another factor in how hot it gets will be where thunderstorms develop. Where it rains, temps will be a bit lower, although it'll still be very muggy. 

As of now, the heaviest rain could be Sunday night into Monday as moisture from what's left of Category 4 Hurricane Bud off the west coast of Mexico makes its way into the desert southwest and then into the central part of the U.S. 

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