Minnesota distillery is making its own sanitizer, and giving it away

Three cheers for Vikre!
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For weeks now it's been nigh-on impossible to find a bottle of Purell or any other brand of hand sanitizer on grocery store shelves.

Step forward Vikre Distillery, the Duluth spirits maker which has recognized the gap in the market and has started making its own – and is giving it away for free.

"We know it’s hard to get your hands on sanitizer (pun intended, maybe?) right now," the distillery announced earlier this week.

"Because we produce the main ingredients in sanitizer in the distilling process, we are making our own sanitizing spray for our own use and we wanted to make some available to the public for those who need it."

The sanitizer is sprayable and contains 70 percent denatured alcohol, which is the level needed to kill the coronavirus bug.

The distillery has been giving it away to anyone who needs it, with residents able to bring a container of up to 16 oz. in size that can be filled with the sanitizer.

It's also making gallon-size pails available for businesses who call ahead.

The only warning that comes with it is for those with sensitive skin, because the distillery has been unable to add aloe as a thickening agent due to a widespread shortage.

Vikre has become somewhat of a social media celebrity as a result of its generous offer.

Craft breweries and distilleries are struggling at this time as they have had to close their taprooms following Gov. Walz's shutdown of "dine-in" service at bars and restaurants.

That's why it's calling on Minnesotans shopping at liquor stores to try and choose local brands.

"It makes A WORLD of difference to us, and is hopefully the thing that will keep us in business," the distillery said in a post on Facebook.

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