Minnesota dog chewing on phone summons police after 911 call

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Wait a doggone minute if this doesn't sound familiar. 

A dog in St. Louis Park in need of a snack decided to chew on a phone and call 911 this week. It happened Wednesday at a residence along Edgewood Ave., according to St. Louis Park Police Department, which posted photos of the expensive chew toy and the culprit. 

"This phone, found in the mouth of a very good boy who lives on Edgewood Ave., CAN call 9-1-1," St. Louis Park PD quipped. "Officers Smith and Hinz were sent to a house in our community on June 19th to investigate a hangup call to 9-1-1 and found that Jack's new favorite chew toy brought them there. 

"Everything was OK and Jack was given some advice on how to use 9-1-1, then probably given a treat."

If this sounds familiar, it's because a similar story happened in Lakeville in February when two pooches dialed 911 a woofing 16 times

It's a good reminder to never hang up after dialing 911. 

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