Minnesota folk musician Charlie Parr breaks shoulder skateboarding with daughter

The Austin-based artist had to undergo a three-hour surgery.
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Folk artist Charlie Parr says he's feeling his age after breaking his shoulder in three places while skateboarding with his granddaughter.

The 51 year old from Austin, Minnesota had to cancel a couple of tour dates following the accident at the start of the month, after he fell "pretty hard" while skateboarding with his 11-year-old daughter.

In a philosophical post on Facebook, the accident has got the musician musing about is age.

"How old do I need to be before I understand how old I am?" he wrote. "When I was younger I often felt old, or at least what I imagined old must feel like, and now that I’m older I often feel younger.

"Sometimes I feel as though I’ve collected all the ages I’ve ever been and can rummage through them at will, strolling through town like a 30 year old with important things to do or riding my bike through ditches as if I were 11."

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There's no long-term damage though, with Parr able to resume his tour dates towards the end of August.

He'll also be ready for his upcoming gigs in Minnesota, with his manager telling the Star Tribune he will be in "full form" for his big November and December tour, that includes a set at the Palace Theatre in St. Paul.

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