Minnesota hobby farm searching for missing peacock, owners say it might be looking for a girlfriend

Dave was last seen at the hobby farm he lives at near Annandale.
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A beloved peacock has gone missing from a hobby farm near Annandale and its owners want help to bring it home.

Dave the peacock, 3, has been missing since Friday, May 4. 

"Dave has been with us for about a year," owner Kindra Olson Liebhard told BMTN. "He lives with us on our hobby farm in Annandale. He’s a good bird. He hangs out with the chickens and the donkeys.

"We think he is out looking for a girlfriend, so if he comes home to us, we will need to look at getting a companion for him." 

Liebhard isn't joking when she says Dave might be in search of a girlfriend. According to Sciencing.com, male peacocks "become sexually active at about 3 years of age." 

But Dave's wellbeing is a serious matter. 

"He can tolerate the cold, but he is domesticated so that is why we are so worried about him," Liebhard said. "We hope he will forage for food like a chicken, but he’s accustomed to having feed around all the time."

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The Annandale community is helping search for Dave, but they hope more people will keep an eye out for their ornamental friend near County Road 5 in the Annandale area. 

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If you see Dave, pick him up around his body so he can't flap his wings. Liebhard says he'll probably try to run away, but he won't hurt anyone.

If you see him, you can contact Liebhard on her Facebook page.

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