Minnesota is one of America's happiest states – but not as happy as South Dakota

Upper Midwesterners are a content bunch, a survey found.
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We're a pretty happy and healthy bunch up here in the Midwest.

That's according to 24/Wall Street, which looked at a variety of data contained in a Gallup poll to determine which are the happiest, and most miserable, states in the country.

Minnesota is the 4th happiest state in the nation, according to data that looks at factors including "sense of purpose, social relationships, financial security, relationship to community, and physical health."

Minnesota had the 5th highest score for the category of "residents who like what they do every day" at 77.9 percent, while its poverty rate of 9.9 percent is the 6th lowest in the country and its violent crime rate is the 9th lowest.

Some 77 percent of Minnesotans say they have strong social relationships, the 7th highest, though the state had a low score for "residents in near perfect physical health," ranking only 21st.

And while 4th isn't to be sniffed at, Minnesotans are apparently less content than the residents of South Dakota, which came 1st overall in the list.

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82.3 percent of South Dakotans say they like what they do every day, the highest ranking in the country, while it also had the highest score for physical health.

With North Dakota ranking 5th, it means that three out of the top five happiest states in the country can be found in the Upper Midwest.

Other Midwest states didn't fare so well, with Iowa ranking 21st, Wisconsin 27th, Michigan 32nd, Kansas 33rd, Illinois 36th, Indiana 42nd and Ohio 44th.

The most miserable state, 24/7 Wall Street said, is West Virginia.

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