Minnesota makes top 10 in 'best states for beer lovers' list

The Land of 10,000 Beers comes in at No. 8.
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Minnesotans love themselves a beer, and it seems like they're spoiled for choice if a new study by Groupon is anything to go on.

The coupon website ranks Minnesota at No. 8 . in its list of "Best State for Beer Lovers," joining fellow Midwest states in the top 10 like Michigan (No. 3), Illinois (No. 4), and Iowa (No. 6).

So how did it come to that conclusion?

Well the scientists* at Groupon (*not real scientists) ranked states based on three pieces of data: the average BeerAdvocate.com score of the 5 best-tasting beers in each state; the average cost of a 12 oz. beer in each state; and the number of beer-related Groupons sold per 1,000 people.

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Now if anything, what Groupon's study proves with regards to Minnesotans is that they have an eye for a discount. 

Minnesota didn't actually score that highly in two of the categories, ranking 16th in quality of beer, while it was only good enough for 29th in beer affordability.

Perhaps it's because of the latter that Minnesotans order the second most beer-related Groupons out of any state, which helped push Minnesota into the top 10.

Groupon claims that this shows Minnesota has the second most "enthusiasm" for beer in the U.S., though maybe they're just the second-most thrifty...

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