Minnesota man hopes to extend documentary series that allows military vets to tell their stories

"Operation: Fishing Freedom" helps vets heal from Post Traumatic Stress.
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A Minnesota man who co-created a documentary fishing series dedicated to helping United States military veterans cope with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) is looking to raise enough money to extend his show. 

Ben Olsen, a fishing pro from Blaine, helped start the show after years of taking U.S. military veterans fishing through the Take a Vet Fishing program. It was an opportunity to take a vet on the water as a means of helping them cope with the effects of PTS. 

Along the way they were told "countless" stories of heroism that they decided were too valuable to go untold, so they started Operation: Fishing Freedom, a documentary series that is now entering its third season of production. 

"The fishing helps them open up and and tell their story in a relaxed environment instead of in a setting with lights and a camera. 

At this point, they have enough money to produce seven episodes that will air on Discovery Channel in early 2019, but they're looking to raise more funds through a Kickstarter campaign to increase the season to a full 13 episodes. 

"This will enable us to capture their amazing stories, and ultimately help them heal. It’s the least we can do for the sacrifices they’ve made for all of us," their Kickstarter campaign says. 

People who donate $25 or more are eligible for prizes, including hates, t-shirts, fishing apparel and more. There is room for two guided fishing tours with Olsen in the Florida Everglades for anyone who donates $2,500 or more. 

The show is produced by Minneapolis-based Ron Schara Productions. 

You can watch episodes from the first two seasons right here

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