Minnesota native creates hilarious 'Star Wars' parody: 'The Minnesotalorian'

The remorseless bounty hunter treks through the Hoth-like tundra of Minnesota.

Move over Pedro Pascal, there is a new hero in town.

Moving stealthily through the Hoth-like tundra of the Minnesota winter, the remorseless Minnesotalorian has a target in mind

His weapon of choice? An ice scraper. The target? Pull tabs at the local VFW, with the helmeted hero mercilessly ripping the tabs as he seeks a big score.

But as Episode 1 shows, he probably has more chance of a windfall by tracking fugitives in the outer reaches of the universe than striking lucky on a pull tab.

Since Disney+ launched on Nov. 12, "The Mandalorian" has become a popular culture talking point, with the extension of the "Star Wars" universe being met with acclaim from fans and critics alike.

The Minnesota parody is the work of longtime ad man John King, a Minnesota native who is president of the New York office of Minneapolis-based Fallon.

You might know him best for his annual "All Hockey Hair Team" videos for the Minneaota State High School Hockey tournament, which he shares through his side hustle, Game On! Minnesota.

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King said the 2019 All Hockey Hair Team video would be his last one, but he's staying true to his Minnesota roots with his latest YouTube series.

"When I was hearing about this stoic, doesn’t-say-much, hero – it literally reminded me of just about every Minnesotan I’ve ever met," King told BMTN.

"Plus the two words "Mandalorian" and "Minnesotan" kind of want to have some fun together.

"Mostly, I just found myself laughing at the thought of giving Star Wars Sci-Fi Western a Minnesota remix as a Sci-Fi MIDwestern. And my daughter was home from college and she has the new iPhone, so we just went out on a snowy day and had some fun with this dumb idea."

He's hoping his homage to The Mandalorian gets enough views to "justify making a few more."

"Personally I think the Minnesotalorian might want to go snow mobiling and maybe even polka dance. We’ll see."

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