Minnesota realtors to host in-person open houses again

Minnesota Realtors has put out guidelines for safe open houses.
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Minnesota realtors and preparing to hold in-person open houses as some COVID-19 restrictions in the state are lifted.

Minnesota Realtors recently announced a set of guidelines for safe open houses. Gov. Tim Walz’s ended his Stay at Home order as of Monday, allowing non-essential retail businesses to reopen.

Open houses have been shut down since the onset of the pandemic in mid-March, but the state's gradual reopening  

Minnesota Realtors says it's encouraging real estate agents to create individual guidelines to keep clients and visitors safe on a case-by-case basis.

But some general guidelines Minnesota Realtors has put out include avoiding any contact with persons who have been sick and creating a plan to practice social distancing within a home. Realtors should plan to limit physical contact with clients and visitors.

Realtors are also encouraged to work with the homeowner to disinfect surfaces before and after visitors come in.

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“Realtors conduct Open Houses for a wide variety of reasons based on many different circumstances,” said Minnesota Realtors CEO Chris Galler in a statement. “Some homes are new construction without furniture or floor coverings. Other properties are the home of older Minnesotans or those with immune deficiency issues.”

During the Stay at Home order, some realtors and organizations offered virtual open hours and home tours. 

And while there has been a significant decrease in the number of homes being placed on the market during the pandemic, the limited choice available to buyers has seen house prices actually rise despite huge unemployment levels.

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