Minnesota State Fair 2019: Who has the best malt at the fair?

We picked three contenders, and found it near-impossible to separate them.
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You don’t have to walk around the Minnesota State Fair for long before you see someone carrying a malt.

And if you’re an ice cream lover, the sight of that malt gives you immediate food envy – and finding a malt of your own becomes top priority.

This year, I set out to find the best malt at the Minnesota State Fair.

I was expecting to find a clear winner. But that’s not what happened. Instead, I found three very similar-tasting, very delicious malts that it was impossible to choose from.

I tried chocolate malts at three well-known ice cream venues:

Kiwanis Malt Shop:  East side of Cosgrove St. between the Fine Arts Building and 4-H Building

Dairy Goodness Bar: In the Dairy Building

Al’s Subs & Malt Shop: East side of Nelson St. between Dan Patch & Carnes Avenues, next to the Giant Slide

All three malts were delicious – and nearly identical: Smooth, creamy, and chocolaty.

However, I noticed some very subtle differences:

  • The Kiwanis malt had the most malt-like flavor.
  • The Dairy Goodness Bar malt was the thickest and densest of the malts.
  • Al’s Subs & Malt Shop malt was the lightest and fluffiest.

Where the malt shops do differ is the flavor offerings, which is where the Dairy Goodness Bar in particular excels.

– Kiwanis Malt Shop sells three flavors of malts: Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

– The Dairy Goodness Bar’s malt flavor selection is vast. They have vanilla, chocolate, caramel, crème de menthe, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, apple-caramel, and birthday batter blast flavors.

– Al’s Subs & Malt Shop sells vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, and caramel malts.

What’s the moral of this story? You truly can’t go wrong with any malt at the fair.

If you’re a malt lover, I encourage you to explore the fair’s selection for yourself. It’s a delicious endeavor.

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