Minnesota takes top spot in 'Worst Winters in America' list

Our sports teams may not win, but our winters do.
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Minnesota apparently suffers the worst winters in America, according to a new rankings list, and given the past couple of weeks, you'd find it hard to argue with.

Thrillist ranked all 50 states by how horrible winters are, with criteria including weather patterns, average temperatures, driving conditions and success rates of winter sports teams (you know where this is going). 

Minnesota, unsurprisingly, came out as being the best at having the worst winters.

Among the reasons all of us "adorable don'tcha knows" are in the top spot: 

  • Some places get up to 170 inches of snow
  • We get Alberta Clippers and Panhandle hooks
  • The temp drops to -60F
  • We can get frostbite within 5 minutes
  • "Your sports teams never win any championships"
  • Our best high school hockey players end up with other NHL teams
  • Ice fishing isn't that cool

"We think beneath that eternal Nordic happiness is some inner pain, trapped below the surface like a Grain Belt dropped into an ice fishing hole, a cauldron of hot anger ready to spill out like a cut-open Jucy Lucy," the article says. 

They just don't get it, and that's fine with us. 

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