Minnesota 'tiny house' featured on TV show is for sale on Craigslist

What is this...a house for ants?!
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If you like modern and don't suffer from claustrophobia, then the home listed on Craiglist by a Minnesota family might be perfect for you. 

It's a "modern and spacious tiny house" in the southern Minnesota town of Houston, and it can be had for $77,000. 

"This house was the feature build on the tv show Tiny House Nation in January 2017," the owner of the home wrote in the ad. "It is a completely custom, one of a kind, beautiful, modern home with nice finishes, fixtures, and appliances."

You can watch the episode of "Tiny House Nation" right here, although your cable provider has to include A&E Network to see it. 

This sucker is 330 square feet of modern magic, featuring 28 feet of unmatched length on the lower level and four additional feet on the extended to the upper level. 

There's a small bedroom on the first floor and a loft upstairs, although the owners say the bedroom can also be used as an office or closet. It's got one bathroom with a small tub, toilet, sink and washer, and the entire house has 14 windows, most of which slide open. 

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The family of four living in it for the last two years is moving to Florida, according to City Pages

All of the furnishings come with the place, with the exception of some wall art seen in the photos. 

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