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Minnesota wolf researchers stumble upon largest tree of its kind in America

This monster jack pine was found in Voyageurs National Park.
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It's the biggest tree of its kind in America and it was recently found in northern Minnesota. 

According to Quetico Superior Wilderness News, a 73-foot jack pine on the shore of Moose Bay, Namakan Lake, in Voyageurs National Park, was discovered in late-November by two park researchers who were tracking wolves. 

"That is a huge jack pine, that is going to crush the record,” Tom Gable recalled thinking in an interview with the wilderness publication. “For a jack pine it’s huge. It’s got this huge crown, sometimes they look really scraggly and weathered.”

Gable is a Ph.D. student in wildlife biology at the University of Minnesota. He and his colleague, wildlife technician Austin Homkes, found the record-setting tree together and it's since been added to the American Forests’ Champion Trees national register.

Only one other tree in Minnesota is a national champion: a 67-foot Tamarack in Brainerd, found by Jim and Ann Pierson in 2004. 

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Gable found two other state champion trees in Minnesota while monitoring the behavior of wolves, an 80-foot balsam fir and an 85-foot black spruce. Neither of those finds, however, are national champs like the jack pine. 

To become a state or national tree champion, measurements of the trunk, height and one-quarter of a tree's crown spread in feet are taken. Anyone can nominate a state or national champion tree on this page from the Minnesota DNR

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