Minnesotan goes viral after yellow vest, no shirt combo vexes Walmart

Not all heroes wear capes.
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Taking the prize for the most unlikely of viral moments in the U.S. this week is Paul Tuschy, also known by his alias Liberty Longbeard.

Longbeard was at the Walmart in Mankato this week when his attire allegedly attracted the attention of the store manager.

The reason? He was wearing a yellow vest with no t-shirt underneath.

Now why would a Walmart manager be interested in the clothing choice of a customer you ask? Well, they thought he was an employee.

"I got yelled at for not wearing a t-shirt under my vest," he wrote. "I argued with her for a while and when I explained that I, in fact, do not work here, she calmed down."

Longbeard's post on Monday has since been shared more than 13,000 times on Facebook, attracting hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.

It's not the first time that Longbeard, of Inver Grove Heights, has been the recipient of internet notoriety.

In fact just earlier this month he made headlines with Twin Cities radio station 102.9 The Wolf, who came across his rather unusual tactic of selling mirrors on a Facebook second-hand group by posing in front of them wearing bikinis.

Under the name of his alter-ego, by which we mean his actual name, Paul Tuschy, he ran as a Republican in the Minnesota House 52B race in 2012, ultimately losing out to his Democratic opponent.

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