Minnesotan won $100,000 on scratch-off bought at State Fair

That would buy a whole lot of cheese curds.

A Darwin woman became one of the first people to leave the Minnesota State Fair with more money than they went in with.

That's because Angie Dietel raked in a $100,000 lottery win playing a Money Tree scratch-off game she bought at the Minnesota Lottery's State Fair booth.

Dietel was at the fair to support her son, who was showing a project for 4-H. He won a blue ribbon, she won $100K.

"I thought, this can’t be real," she said, per the Minnesota Lottery, saying she discovered her win the next day after buying four $5 Money Tree tickets so she could get a free Vikings t-shirt.

The t-shirt, in fact, was the main reason she was at the booth, noting: "I was happy with my shirt. I never expected to win like this."

The mother-of-three claimed her prize on Tuesday, saying she'll be spending at least some of the money on getting her family "odds and ends" they've wanted for a while.

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The lottery booth at Judson and Nelson is one of the busiest booths at the entire State Fair, and is the highest-selling non-food vendor.

The Minnesota Lottery says that as well as Dietel's win, another $100,000-winning I'MN to Summer scratch-off may also have been sold at the booth, but has yet to be claimed.

"This year alone, the booth sold more than $800,000 in tickets, which places it in the top 30 percent in sales out of our more than 3,000 retail locations," Lottery Executive Director Adam Prock said.

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