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Minnesotans have the 3rd unsexiest American accent, survey claims

Well ... ope and uff da!
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A new survey has identified what are the "sexiest" accents in the United States, and it's bad news for you Minnesotans.

I say "you" Minnesotans, because although this is the place that I live and love, I'm from the U.K. and everyone in this country thinks I talk like Hugh Grant, even though I sound nothing like him.

But while even the most mundane of sentences that escapes my lips can send the nation swooning, the same can't be said for those living in the Land of 10,000 "opes."

Big 7 Travel has released the results of its survey to determine the sexiest accents in the U.S., and Minnesota is languishing in an uff da-worthy 48th.

Yes, only the "Long Islander" and "New Jerseyan" are less sexy accents than Minnesotan, based on a sample of Big 7 Travel's 1.5 million social following.

Given that the survey results mention "Fargo" in relation to Minnesota's ranking, it goes to show how the (mostly) exaggerated accents used in the movie/TV series colors people's perceptions of how Minnesotans talk.

But if you're worried about uttering another "you betcha" in public for fear of being condemned to a life of celibacy, don't worry, because I'm extremely dubious over the veracity of the survey.

I mean, seriously, Boston as the 2nd sexiest accent in America? If "Fargo" drains the desirability of Minnesotans, surely "The Departed" should do the same for the aural offenders from Massachusetts?

Also, have the people surveyed ever met or listened to a Boston sports fan? Root canals are sexier.

Another weird anomaly is that while Minnesotan finished 48th, the "Midwest" accent finished 16th, referring to the accent apparently heard in a rather expansive 12-state region that includes, um, Minnesota.

Rounding out the top 3 either side of Boston is the New Yorker accent in 3rd and the Texan accent in 1st.

In any case, Minnesotans should forget this survey and, indeed, this entire article criticizing said survey, though thanks for sticking around to the end...

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