Minnesotans live longer than people in every other state

We're hard to get rid of.
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The rest of the country just can't seem to keep up with Minnesota. 

Not only do we have the best parks in the country, but we also get to enjoy them longer than other people enjoy less impressive parks in less impressive states. 

A study from the Journal of American Medical Association shows that life expectancy in Minnesota is the highest in the country, with the average lifespan of a Minnesotan lasting 78.7 years. Compare that to the state at the bottom of the list, Mississippi, and you'll be feeling really glad you're living up north. 

Life expectancy in Mississippi is nearly 10 percent shorter than it is in Minnesota, at just 71.8 years. 

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Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi all have life expectancies of 5+ years shorter than people in Minnesota. 

Only seven states have a life expectancy of more than 78 years: Minnesota, California, Connecticut, Colorado, New York and Washington. 

From a global perspective, the life expectancy in Minnesota is similar to Croatia whereas Mississippi is comparable to Iran and Ukraine, according to InfoPlease.com

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