Gilbert's drunk, dive-bombing birds are an international sensation

These feathery freaks from Gilbert, Minnesota are now famous.
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The drunken Minnesota birds story we wrote about on Wednesday spread coast-to-coast by Thursday, and as of Friday the story has migrated the globe. 

Drunk birds? You betcha. These feathery freaks have been getting crazy drunk on berries in the City of Gilbert, crashing into windows and cars.  

How they're getting bombed is fascinating. An early frost up north made some berries ferment earlier than normal, making them a bit boozier than the birds are used to. And the worst offenders are younger birds attempting to wet their beaks. 

Here's a sampling of the international coverage, which ranges from pretty much every city in America, north into Canada and across the oceans to places like London and Australia. 

New York Post: "Drunk birds cause havoc in Minnesota town"

The Independent (UK): "Drunk and disorderly birds are causing chaos in Minnesota but police say they'll soon sober up"

Vice: "Some drunk-ass birds are dive-bombing all over a Minnesota town"

Business Wire Australia: "A flock of drunk birds is terrorizing a small town in Minnesota"

Time: "Drunk birds are flying high in Gilbert, Minnesota"

New York Daily News: "Drunk birds in Minnesota are flying 'under the influence' — and creating 'nonstop' chaos"

Montreal Gazette: "While you were sleeping: Drunk birds keep flying into windows"

Washington Post: "Do birds in your area appear to be drunk? They might be."

ABC News: Birds in Minnesota 'literally get drunk' and dive-bomb cars and homes"

Take that, Wisconsin! You might be known as the drunkest state in America, but your birds don't party as hard as ours.

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