Minnesota's Largest Candy Store set to reopen Friday as an essential business

It's home to numerous suppliers who sell agricultural products, not just candy.
Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is opening this coming Mother's Day weekend and the store has taken significant measures to keep customers and workers safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The big yellow building located on the west side of Hwy. 169 in Jordan, also known as Jim's Apple Farm, will open Friday, May 8, according to owner Robert Wagner. 

"In preparation for opening, we have been instituting a lot of safety steps. Sanitizing cards, sanitizing shopping baskets, hand-washing procedures. And of course, the checkout area has a sheet of plexiglass running the entire 45-foot length," Wagner explained in a video. 

The video then takes a wild turn to match the fun atmosphere the candy store is known for. 

Wagner told KARE 11 that he got the go-ahead to open as an essential business from Gov. Tim Walz. And that's because candy isn't the only product available to shoppers. The store is also home to numerous vendors who sell their agricultural products, including sausages, fruits, vegetables and more.

"Many of our suppliers, this is the only store that they sell at," Wagner explained to KARE 11. "They’re so happy. We’re going to be able to sell their product and they’re going to be able to make some money in these times."

The store will also implement one-way foot traffic and limit capacity to 200 customers at a time. The Southwest Journal reports that around 100 square feet of display tables have been removed to make more room for shoppers, making it easier to maintain social distancing. 

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