MN broadcaster wins top-of-the-line RV, contract from CNBC star

Sheletta Brundidge and her family are going on the road as celebrity endorsers.
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A Cottage Grove broadcaster and mother has been given the opportunity of a lifetime after her family was signed up as a "celebrity endorser" by CNBC star and Camping World mogul Marcus Lemonis.

Lemonis, host of CNBC's The Profit and owner of the Camping World and Gander Outdoor chains, has been giving away campers since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic as a way of encouraging social distancing-friendly family vacations.

It was the latest of these giveaways that brought to his attention Sheletta Brundidge, the Minnesota broadcaster, comedian, and mother-of-four, who had been looking to buy an R.V. for her family so they could travel, which has become all-but-impossible during the COVID pandemic as three of her kids are on the Autism spectrum.

She had a chance to win the money earlier this year when she appeared on NBC's Ellen's Game of Games, but as she put it to BMTN: "My butt lost." 

Step forward Lemonis, whom Brundidge tweeted after he launched his latest camper giveaway when he appeared across her Twitter feed.

Soon after, her legion of faithful Twitter followers added their voices to her bid, saying the Brundidge family were worthy recipients of a camper.

Lemonis listened – and then some – offering her not just a camper, but a Class A R.V. 

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And he didn't stop there, offering Brundidge a three-year contract to be a Camping World "celebrity endorser," giving her a travel stipend and payment to produce multimedia content describing the family's travels across the U.S.

"The whole time i was talking to this dude, i had no idea he was a reality show star and a rich businessman," Brundidge told BMTN.

"I thought he was some slick dude trying to sell me a time share."

Lemonis made the announcement on Sunday, saying that unlike his previous giveaways, what he's offering the Brundidge family is a "business deal," as he's looking for "spectacular content" in return.

Their first port of call will be Houston to visit Sheletta's 99-year-old grandmother, who was recently marching in the George Floyd protests in Texas.

"Gotta get the kids there before she goes on home to glory!!!!" she said.

After that, America is their oyster.

Here's the moment the Brundidge family found out about the offer, and Sheletta's response.

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