MN company fires employee... for complaining about holiday gift

He did it in a tweet, which then went viral.
BBQ sauce that got Fastenal worker fired.

A bad social media move cost a Canadian man his job — and, as it turns out, some goodwill for the Minnesota company that fired him. 

As CTV News reports, 27-year-old Hussien Mehaidli, like other Canadian employees of Fastenal, received a bottle of BBQ sauce as a holiday gift from the Winona-based industrial supplies giant. 

The gesture — a far cry from the full gift boxes that he'd gotten in years prior — "felt like a slap in the face," with Mehaidli telling CTV he felt "really disrespected" by it. 

So he took to social media, where, in a now-deleted tweet (pictured above), he said "what kind of multi billion dollar company gifts it's (sic) Canadian employees barbecue sauce as a holiday gift?"

As the Star Tribune notes, the tweet went viral, with at least one news outlet reporting on it, and Fastenal soon got wind of it and tracked it back to Mehaidli.

The paper confirmed the firing with Fastenal CEO Dan Florness, who said he only learned about the situation from a news report as well as some online fallout over the decision. 

The backlash is evident across Twitter, where users are reacting with everything from calls for a boycott to apt comparisons to "Christmas Vacation":

Fastenal produces a wide range of products, including duct tape, drill bits and janitorial supplies. 

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