MN family asking for help finding mystery photographer

They've been seeking him for 22 years.

More than two decades after a devastating loss, a Rochester, Minnesota, family is looking for someone who helped them during that difficult part of their lives. 

In 1998, Deneen Bryan's daughter, Christine, was fighting for her life in a Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) when they were approached by a photographer working in the hospital.

She lays out what happened next in a Friday Facebook post:

He offered to take photos "in the child life room for any family that wanted them," and the Bryans took him up on it.

The experience was not what they expected:

This is something we had not even thought about doing at the time, but what a great way to take our minds off of other things for a few minutes of something fun. We took our little family of 4 down to the child life room and he captured our photos. To this day, we do not know who he was or what his photography business name was.

Sadly, Christine, having recently undergone surgery to fix the bile ducts in her liver, would pass away at the age of six months. 

"I have called St. Marys a couple times over the years to try to check into it," Bryan says, "but they have no record of who it could have been."

She notes the photographer's generosity and says he inspired her to eventually start her own nonprofit photography service that specializes in kids in NICUs. 

Now, she's hoping to spread the story in hopes of tracking him down so she can thank him. 

The effort has generated plenty of attention, with the Mayo Clinic contacting the family for information so they can help in the search, according to an update from Bryan. 

Additionally, KARE 11 host Jana Shortal shared the post on Twitter:

The story has been shared hundreds of times on social media. 

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