Modist Brewing reveals a new kind of booze: A 40-proof ale

The Boozehound is a mixture of beer and spirits.
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You might want to take it easy if you pick up a "Boozehound" from Modist Brewing, because it packs quite a punch.

The new concoction developed by Modist Brewing and fellow North Loop residents Parlour Bar is a "one-of-a-kind fusion of beer and spirits."

It's basically a bourbon mash that's been brewed and fermented like a beer, before being aged in bourbon barrels, and then served as an Old Fashioned.

Modist claims it is a new category of alcoholic beverage: coining the name "Brewed Spirit." And at 40 percent, it's stronger than any beer you've ever tasted.

The ale will be on tap at Modist's taproom starting next Wednesday, May 22, and at Parlour Bar in both Minneapolis and St. Paul the next day.

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Modist used an ale yeast strain with a "high alcohol tolerance," creating a beer that's 20 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and 40 percent proof, which have been aged in barrels for a year along with a Mexican raw sugar that is used in Parlor's Old Fashioneds.

"I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, and the barrels that [Parlour] had picked out were perfect. Based on the barrels and the pedigree of their cocktails, we decided a bourbon brewed spirit presented as an Old Fashioned was the way to go," said Modist's co-founder and head brewer Keigan Knee.

The drinks will be served with a splash of bitters and garnished with orange peel. Get it while you can, as it's available on draft only for a limited time at Modist and Parlour.

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