Monster bog causes cancelation of summer classes at Legionville

Efforts to move the giant bog has thus far been unsuccessful.
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School's out for summer across Minnesota, but classes won't even get to begin in Legionville, thanks to a bog the size of three football fields.

The classes held every summer at the Legionville Safety camp have been canceled because of the monster bog blocking its shoreline on North Long Lake, in Merrifield.

This week, Legionville regretfully announced that what would have been its 80th summer of classes won't be going ahead for safety reasons.

"Many volunteers and organizations have worked tirelessly to move the bog and reopen our beaches but at this time we feel not enough progress has been made to ensure the safety of our campers," it wrote to campers.

"The safety of our campers, staff and workers has to be our main concern," it added. "To ensure the safety of everyone, we have made the extremely hard decision to cancel our 2018 season."

Efforts to remove the bog have been thus far unsuccessful.

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Once the lake ice had melted, operations to shift it to another part of the lake got underway in mid May.

Initially, boats tried to pull the bog away while heavy machinery broke up its edges from the shore.

When that didn't work out, teams started to break the bog into smaller pieces, which they managed to do successfully, albeit they still haven't been able to shift it.

Sponsors and campers who had already paid money to Legionville for the 2018 season will either get refunds or it'll be rolled over to the 2019 season.

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