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Morris Day says Prince's estate is no longer allowing him to use "Morris Day & the Time" as a band name. 

Day, a local music legend who was a childhood friend of Prince, has sung in the Time since Prince formed the band in 1981, appearing with the band in the movie Purple Rain and performing as Morris Day & the Time at Prince's posthumous Celebration festival in 2017.

But now Day says he's not allowed to use "the Time" anymore. 

"Now that Prince is no longer with us — suddenly, the people who control his multimillion-dollar estate want to rewrite history by taking my name away from me, thus impacting how I feed my family," Day posted on social media on Thursday. "So as of now, per the Prince estate, I can no longer use Morris Day & the Time in any capacity."

Comerica Bank & Trust, which administers Prince's estate, says that's not completely accurate, though did not expand on why this was the case.

In a statement to Bring Me The News, it said:

“Given Prince’s longstanding history with Morris Day and what the Estate thought were amicable discussions, The Prince Estate was surprised and disappointed to see his recent post. The Estate is open to working proactively with Morris to resolve this matter. However, the information that he shared is not entirely accurate.”

The debate over the name seemingly stems from Day's attempt to trademark the name "Morris Day & the Time," according to a letter Prince's estate sent to Day in December, which Billboard has obtained. Attorneys for Prince's estate cited a 1982 agreement in which Day had allegedly agreed that Prince's company would own the rights to the band name.

“Accordingly, Mr. Day has no right to use or register ‘The Time’ in any form,” the letter said, according to Billboard. “That includes use and registration of the trademark ‘Morris Day & the Time.’”

However, Day's attorney Richard B. Jefferson told Billboard the estate's argument about rights to the band name was "not accurate,"  

Day, in the social media post, said he has given 40 years of his life building up the name and legacy he and Prince came up with, noting it is "A name that while he was alive, he had no problem with me using."

"I literally put my blood, sweat, and tears into bringing value to that name. In fact, he booked me on several tours and many jam-packed nights at Paisley Park under the name Morris Day & the Time. Not once ever saying to me that I couldn't use the name configuration," Day said. 

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Many, including L. Londell McMillan who represents three of Prince's siblings who have a stake in his estate, have expressed support for Day on social media. McMillan tweeted, "I think this is horrible. I support Morris Day ... we cannot wait to take over the estate from those in charge. Hopefully soon."

Prince died of a fentanyl overdose in April 2016 and he didn't have a will. This sparked contentious and complex probate in which the court decides how to divide his estate, which is currently under the control of Comerica.

The court proceedings are expected to wrap up later this year, at which point control of Prince's estate will be in the hands of two groups of legal heirs — Prince's siblings and their advisors and Primary Wave, a music industry group.  

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